Our Projects


We were asked by our sister company to build a sub-station to house an HV switchboard, transformer and LV switchboard which would have been a challenge with GRP as this unit was required to be 4000mm wide x 8000mm long. To transport it was obvious that it would have to be constructed in four sections and put together on site which would have added significant transport challenges and cost. 

After discussions with the end client a decision was made to construct a substation built from a box section steel structure frame, this was constructed in transportable sections off site. When the sections were transported to site they were erected and covered with insulated cladding as photos below. 

This option was the most cost effective and time saving solution with the complete unit taking 6 days to construct both off and on site, not only did this option save considerable costs compared to GRP for an enclosure of this size it was transported to site on one delivery saving considerable transport costs also.